- Computer Scientist and Engineer from NIT Hamirpur, India.

- Have 3 year of experience working with reputed MNC working as Android Developer.

- Freelancing Since 2016 with ₹500/Hour of development time

- Likes Shotokan Karate as hoby, sports and for self-defense.


We are a small team of Engineers who're continuously developing smart and innovative apps. We're small group of developers specialized in Android App Development and Dynamic Web Technology

Technology wise we are expert in Android, Java, c, c++, python, Django, html5, js, jquery, ajax, css, bootstrap.

This is your platform for shaping innovative ideas into beautiful apps. Whether you're looking for Mobile Application for your business, project or for your potential idea that could bring next change to society, we can get your work done efficiently!

True Face Mirror

We are habitual to make-up in front of a mirror while looking into a mirrored image. True face mirror is a utility to help us to makeup in better way, i.e. while looking ourself as others would have seen us.

Stop Music

Stop Music is a utility app that lets user to stop music at scheduled time.It is compatible with all standard Music players including online players like and youtube

Who's Calling

Who's Calling is Fully customised incoming call notification android can customise the app to 1) Hear caller name along with ringtone. 2) Mute ring and hear caller name along with your message.

Karate Tournament

Karate Tournament Manager is Web app developed initially for KAHP for inviting application for its karate tournaments. It can be used to group canditates based on age, weight or any other qualification criteria and hence can be used with other similar championships and tournaments is web app for Asquare Group of hotels


Max-Pain calculator allows user to calcualte max pain based on trading symbol of NIFTY and expiry